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Smart Asthma: Forecast Asthma


Smart Respiratory Products Ltd
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What is Smart Asthma?

Smart Asthma uses a Smart Peak Flow device and artificial intelligence (AI) to help you manage asthma.

Who can use Smart Asthma?

Smart Asthma is suitable for adults and children over 4 years old.

How does Smart Asthma work?

You use Smart Asthma by attaching a Smart Peak Flow device to the audio jack connected to your phone, or by using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

When you are in a room with lots of light, you open the Smart Asthma app and blow into the device three times. Do this twice a day, and only blow into the device before you take any asthma medication.

The app will record your peak flow reading and can send a copy of your results to your care provider or friends and family that follow you on the app.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) the app can predict if you are likely to have an asthma attack, so you can prevent it from happening.

Record your symptoms, medication and how you are feeling about your asthma in your diary. You can also view your asthma action plan.

How was Smart Asthma made?

Smart Asthma was made with the help of healthc...

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Alarm System

Accreditations and Awards:

This app is OBR certified

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This app is OBR certified

It was assessed as a Level 4 App. These Apps can be focused on general health or specific conditions and contain advanced and complex features that are subject to formal regulation. Where they collect data we assess their data use policies and compliance with relevant standards. Because they are health focused we also assess their compliance in the Professional Assurance as well as the Usability and Accessibility domains.



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General Features:

Goal Setting and Gamification

The App allows you to set health and wellbeing related goals and may support games and challenges around achieving that

Data Capture

The App captures user data.

Data Sharing

The App allows you to share information in the App with others or other Apps/Systems

Information Provision

The App provides general information.

Risk Indicator

The App provides an indication of a health risk.

Remote Monitoring

The App allows the remote monitoring of certain health data by others (eg. carer, family etc.).

Service Signposting

The App provides links and suggestions for local or national services that are relevant to its focus area

Remote Clinical Monitoring

The App allows the remote monitoring of certain health data by health and care professionals

Condition Management

The App assists users in the management of their condition.



Smart Respiratory Products Ltd


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