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About us

Health Apps are a fantastic opportunity to provide people in their homes and communities with important health information, helping support people to manage their health conditions (e.g. asthma, mental health conditions) and live healthier and happier lives through exercise and healthy living. There are thousands of different health apps available online but it can be difficult to identify the ones that are easy to use and provide real health benefits.

We will be working closely with our clinical teams to identify health apps they will recommend to patients that are receiving or waiting for treatment, to help improve health outcomes and manage some long term conditions.

ORCHA regularly carry out independent reviews of health and care related apps, and you'll see that this information is clearly presented throughout the app library. You can be reassured that any apps shown on this site have undergone a rigorous review process. Only the highest scoring health apps will be shown to you on the site.

By bringing this information to your fingertips, it's now possible to identify and compare the best apps for your needs and to ensure that you, your friends and family can access high quality health apps that are reviewed by clinicians and patients.

The apps shown will have also have been checked for data security and user - providing assurance that the apps you choose are high quality.

Anyone can use ORCHA, it's completely free and you don't need to create an account. If you want to save details of your favourite apps, or you are using ORCHA with a health professional you can create an account to track your apps recommendations, favourites and downloads.

To learn more about the ORCHA review process and stages, please visit: